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SPAA - Systems Practice and Action

Valuing Social Networks, Building Public Knowledge, Supporting Open Innovation.

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Common Questions

What Does SPAA mean?

Systems Practice and Action. We are living in a connected world.  Within any given environment we can observe a number of different “systems” operating concurrently – from families and neighbourhoods, through to estates and communities. 

How Can I Get Involved?

Come along to our meetings and events and join in. We value participation and the contribution of ideas and insights. Sign up to join our mailing list where we will notify you of future events and provide updates on what we are doing. 

What is a Social Network?

An aggregate of people who have come together relationally for a common cause or joint enterprise.  Our faith communities are social networks, and within them could be further networks of friendships and relationships.  Many of our communities share similar cultural and social ties and once aggregated would be a social network. Amenity societies and self help groups, football clubs and gardening groups are all social networks of one form or another.  

What people Say About Us next prev

  • I have been impressed by the commitment of the staff and trustees to their goals of greater engagement with, and empowerment of local communities which feel disenfranchised.

    Councillor James Madden, Cabinet member adult social services, chair of health and well being partnership board.

  • WCEN is a very special organisation which has its heart in the communities in Wandsworth. It is composed of the people in our many communities and has made it possible for the word "partnership" to become real and make change happen.

    Ann Radmore, NHS South West London

  • I have worked with the Network over the past few years and become much more aware of how the communities I serve can act to help themselves, once we have skills and know how to do so. We have always been self reliant communities, but we can do much more for ourselves and our neighbourhoods and are ready and able to do so.

    Senior Pastor Delroy Powell, New Testament Assembly Tooting

  • We must be able to listen and learn from commuinities we work with. They are the experts and the ones on the frontline. By utilising our technical knowledge and resourses with the skills and expertise inside communities, we can form more comlimentary partnerships with community leaders acting as genuine owners and coproducers of our services.

    Stewart Low, Head of Community Safety, London Borough of Wandsworth

  • Having the opportunity to meet with many of the leaders of the public services and leaders of local communities, I have seen how together with them, we can develop better services that meet the needs of all our communites and have places like our local mosques and churches where theses services can be delivered jointly.

    Imam Suliman Gani, Tooting Islamic Centre

  • We want to get voices heard so that we create something than what we have already. I've seen the Network promise that one day it would be possible to bring agencies and communities together and I have witnessed them being able to do so....I came into healthcare to be much more community based; living and active and exciting. I want to find ways for us to do this better. We have made a start and now need to give some structure to this so that we can do it for real.

    Dr David Finch, Joint Medical Director

About SPAA

SPAA was originally established as part of the Boroughs Neighbourhood Renewal Programme. Wandsworth was one of the 20 London Boroughs to receive targeted Government funding to help reduce the poverty gaps between the very richest parts of a Borough and the poorest.

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Conferences and Events

An important part of our process is the sharing of knowledge and the building of relationships. Through each year we support and facilitate a number of conferences and events that seek to act as safe and facilitated spaces where people from across sectors and communities are able to come together, meet and share and exchange knowledge and ideas.

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Our Media Portfolio

Here at SPAA, we have extensive footage of the many events and conferences we hold. With many empowering guest speakers who are the leaders in their industry, as well as public participation. Please view our videos and podcast for a wealth of knowledge.

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